Espresso Alectrona

Espresso Alectrona

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The goddess of morning.  This is a blend designed at its core to make espresso. As much as we love "bright" coffees, we also love the "buttery" coffees, resulting in this espresso which represents both profiles. It's like the brilliant resolution of an impassioned argument.  We will be honest with you - Alectrona is an OK drip coffee, but its true brilliance shines when brewed as espresso.

Tasting Notes

Bright, Buttery, Espresso

Bags are industrial compostable, just remove the tin tie before putting in your city's compost stream.

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Customer Reviews
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Shiloh H.
United States United States
Alectrona saved my life (figuratively)

When Black Drop shut down due to the pandemic, my biweekly supply of Alectrona quickly dried up. I became desperate, not realizing the good folks at Maniac Coffee Roasting started hand delivering beans all over Bellingham. Since then, Alectrona has been a constant drip of sanity in this chaotic world. Thanks Maniac! Love you guys and your beans.

Dan W.
United States United States
Awesomeness in a cup

Our go to, we've tried so many, but always come back to the Alectrona - its our gold standard which all others are judged by. Consistently wonderful and I'm excited every morning to fire up the espresso machine.

Robert L.
United States United States
Good coffee and good people in time of COVID-19

The flavor of both the espresso and the raven eye blend is rich and full. I chose delivery and the person was very careful about social distancing and other precautions. Good coffee helps me appreciate the things I have and enjoy the moment.

Ken R.
United States United States
Espresso Alectrona - Heavenly!

I've made quality espresso on my home machine for over a decade. During that time I've explored many roasts from worldwide large and boutique roasters. My granddaughter who goes to WWU surprised me with a new roast to try- Espresso Alectrona. (Western Washington U is also in Bellingham). Oh my! To say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. It was chocolaty & smooth with no bitterness at all. There was awesome & plentiful crema. There's an aftertaste of earthy blackberry which remains on my palate. Ahhhhh.... I now buy all my beans at Maniac Coffee, Espresso Alectrona. And my granddaughter brings me some when she visits me. Alexarc's blend has great consistency, he ships quickly, and has made himself available whenever I had questions. Try Espresso Alectrona. I suspect you will be very pleased. Note- I am in no way associated with Maniac Coffee other than being a satisfied customer.

Carol Y.
United States United States
The Best Coffee I've Ever Had In My Life

I was introduced to this bean through the magic work of Black Drop and now have found that while others coffees can be lovely, there is no substitute for Alectrona. I can't tell you what specific notes or tastes it has - I'm not a coffee connoisseur and can't make conscious distinctions that way. All I can tell you is this coffee is the best coffee I've ever had and I need to drink this daily.